Welcome to Write-Trak

Write-Trak is a small and friendly independent tuition agency based throughout Kent and Medway. We specialise in educating young people between Year 7 – Post 16 who have found it difficult to access a conventional school environment or have no appropriate school placement. Write-Trak works with young people who have social, emotional, behavioural and learning needs.

Write-Trak works in partnership with local authorities, schools, colleges and with other agencies concerned with education and the welfare of children.

Write-Trak offers an educational package that is a tailored and differentiated which includes core elements of the national curriculum and appropriate studies of other subjects. 

Write-Trak tutors work from their own homes, five hours per day five days a week. The tutor groups are always small usually three or four students per tutor. 

Each student follows an individual education plan tailored uniquely to meet their specific needs. This always includes Mathematics, English and Science and appropriate studies of other subjects.

Write-Trak is a registered Examination Centre where students are able to sit a variety of GCSE and Entry Level qualifications which include Mathematics, English, Science and Personal and Social Education  Level 1 & 2.

Write-Traks’ team monitors and co-ordinates the education of all children and young people placed with them. Each tutor is visited weekly by a support worker to ensure each student’s educational and social needs are met.

Write-Trak offers each student from year 9 tailored careers advice. All year 11+ pupils will receive intensive careers advice with a transition package into college/work based training.

Write-Trak offers College taster sessions at  local College for year 10+ pupils throughout the year. The Write-Trak careers advisor will accompany students whilst at college. We are able to offer courses such as Bricklaying, Catering, Animal care, Car Mechanics, and other selected courses.

Write-Trak has an excellent record of setting up successful college courses and school placements for our students who are ready to move on.

Write-Trak is committed to ensuring that all children and young people have access to education enabling them to realise their full potential.