How Does The Write Trak Referral Process Work

Please complete the Write-Trak referral form 

  1. Once we receive a completed referral form, and funding has been agreed by the placing authority, Write-Trak will assess whether the applicant’s specific needs can be met.
  2. Write-Trak will arrange a home visit to discuss the student’s needs in greater depth.  By meeting the student Write-Trak can assess which Tutor Group will be most suitable. This essential meeting is an opportunity to establish a positive working relationship between student, parent/carer and Write-Trak.  This paves the way to a successful educational placement at Write-Trak.
  3. The next step is for Write-Trak to make a formal offer of a place.  This is subject to a suitable vacancy being available, at times there may be a waiting list.
  4. Prior to joining Write-Trak each new student receives a starter pack including; contact book, home/Write-Trak agreement, consent forms, timetable, and tutor details.

NB.  Write-Trak is not responsible for arranging transport to or from tutoring.