Write-Trak aims to provide a tailored curriculum for every student based on their needs.  Tutors help students to access the National Curriculum in English, Mathematics and Science at the appropriate Key Stage and Level.

Each student has both their pastoral and academic needs met by their individual programme.  Curriculums are differentiated to meet the interests of the student, whilst still aiming to cover a broad base of topics.

Appropriate studies of other subjects are offered including; PHSE, CEOP (Child exploitation online protection), Geography, History, Cookery, Information Technology and Art.

Write-Trak encourages students to participate in a variety of activities, such as swimming, golf, sports centre activities and educational trips.

Write-Trak assesses all students on a regular basis using nationally recognised standardised tests.  

Write-Trak provides full written reports on an annual basis.  We use standardised assessments to measure progress as well as SATS style material.  We attend Education Health and Care Plan reviews, LAC reviews and Personal Education Plan Meetings.