Write-Trak recognises that without the support of parents and carers, our students will not be able to reach their full potential. Write-Trak has developed methods to help parents and carers to support their childrens’ learning and progress during their time with Write-Trak. Parents and carers can contact the Write-Trak office between 8.30am and 5pm on 01474 707479. Any concerns can usually be dealt with on the telephone. In other cases an appointment can be made for a meeting to resolve any issues. Outside office hours messages can be left. Write-Trak aims to return calls as swiftly as possible.

Home/School Agreement

Each student is issued with an agreement that is signed by parents/carers, Write-Trak and the student. This agreement clearly states what is expected of each of them in order to work towards a clear goal.

Contact Book

Each student is issued with a contact book which is completed daily by the Write-Trak Tutor. Parents and carers are asked to read the entries carefully and give written comments where required. This is a vital communication tool for maintaining and improving day to day progress.


The Write-Trak prospectus can be obtained from the Write-Trak office on request.

Anti-Bullying Guidance

Write-Trak strongly condemns any form of bullying amongst anyone in the Write-Trak community including students, tutors, parents and carers. We are committed to addressing, and resolving, any bullying problems as soon as we know about them.


Write-Trak tailors an individual programme of learning for each student. Tutors will set homework according to the student’s individual needs. This homework will be clearly explained in the student’s Contact Book, along with an expected completion date.

Complaints Policy

Write-Trak has a Complaints Procedure. Please e-mail us at for details.